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I definitely have a growing obsession with Pergolas. Although my new obsession for permaculture is rapidly gaining on it. The day I can build a permaculture inspired garden with some pergola that have some productive climbers on I may be in Heaven! But for now, back to pergolas that we have, and are going to build.

This is a pergola we built in a Crowborough front garden in 2017. I'm a big fan of the feeling of an outdoor room you get with a pergola whilst not creating a dark area in your garden. When you build a summerhouse or garden office, or any solid structure, in your garden it will create dark spots and dead areas. (and they will probably be a bit dark inside).

Pergolas are great for creating that sense of enclosure whilst also feeling open and fresh. This particular pergola is by the main entrance to this home and creates a great area for stopping to take off muddy boots or popping your shopping down.

We try to make each and every garden unique including any structures we build in them. They are a great way to really define a garden with its own character.

I hope that we develop and improve our designs and landscaping with every garden building on the skills and experiences from each individual garden we create.

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